• Field information management (FIM)

  • Field information management (FIM)

  • Field information management (FIM)

  • Field information management (FIM)

  • Field information management (FIM)

Field information management (FIM)


This production management system includes software, website, mobile devices and desktop computers. It has been developed to enable and simplify communication and connectivity between the company and all field records, thus allowing for a thorough and strengthened management control and tracking of every phase of your operations.


  • It allows for the management of multi-variable reports such as machinery, operator and task efficiency, quality and performance. 
  • It enables control and  integration of all areas in the company such as maintenance, quality, engineering, PCP, administration and management. 
  • It records all plots, tasks and planning. 
  • It guarantees secure cloud-based information and data storage with easy access anywhere in the world, anytime. 
  • It directly impacts on enhanced output and highly efficient field tasks and operations.  
  • It commits staff to continuous improvement.
  • It boasts multi-data graphics, maps and charts for improved equipment and workforce control. 
  • It reduces downtime and cuts input costs. 
  • It provides the engineering, PD and QC departments with field information of every farming operation. 
  • It gives the administrative and manegement departments trusted field information for the best and smartest decision-making. 
  • It supplies access to strategic information and input costs. 
  • All phases of field operations are available in real time, focusing on operation management through automated data collection and field operations monitoring.



  • It allows to keep records of all plots, activities and tasks to be carried out. 
  • It imports and creates service orders and automatically makes them available to field operators. 
  • It allows to add recommendations such as dose, theoretical speed and  RPM machine work, together with the map of the appointed area to the work order. 



  • Targets are ranges with a mínimum and maximum rate aimed to keep the operator within the designated range. 
  • It allows for target records of over 70 field information parameters.
  • Main targets:  work speed, RPM tractor work, idle motor, operating time, production, Output  and total fuel consumption.


  • Once collected, field information is sent to the database. The FIM system will automatically identify the field, benchmarking it with the area recorded by the operator in the field and making adjustments to ensure error-free records. 
  • It instantly identifies applied area in and out of the plot, cross-track and yield-robbing errors.


Map of applied area




Field section



Outisde field boundaries



Applied area



No-spray area 






Over applied area





  • If there are two or more displays working in one field, the FIM system automatically identifies data from different operating equipment and merges them to generate a single plot report; it also allows for benchmarking equipment and operators’ performance while in the field.



  •  It uses historical records of all parameters and targets for further analysis and multiple reports.


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