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Fixed rate


Fixed rate input application is the key-stone of Precision Farming. Once the target application rate has been set for a plot or environment, precision farming equipment makes prescription applications quick, easy and error-free by a highly accurate dose control. Now you can easily perform controlled applications without costly farming consultancy, thus reducing application costs.


The Fixed rate Fertil software powered by Verion allows for input applications of ultimate precision with enhanced benefits for the culture. It can easily be fitted to a range of machines for solid, powdered or liquid applications in the marketplace. It allows you to make quick dose adjustments depending on speed variations, ensuring even applications of the prescribed rate.

The operator is free to change speeds, since the system powered by Verion automatically adjusts input rate, which results in enhanced productivity, reduced equipment wear and even lower fuel consumption.


  • Automatic single-product dose control of up to 3 products. 
  • Simple and easy calibration. 
  • Application at fixed rate regardless of speed. 
  • Boom Electro-hydraulic system control. 
  • Steering system by lightbar and virtual path. 
  • Automatic section shut-off on headlands. 
  • 100% compatible with Verion autosteer control system. 
  • Easily fits on any piece of field equipment on the market. 
  • Operator-friendly device calibration. 



  • Easy installation and simple maintenance. 
  • Digital calibration with a single button press..

  • It allows for steering system by lightbar, with light bar functions and virtual path.

  • Rate table reports depending on speed to check whether the equipment is well-adjusted for the expected speed.

  • Easily changes application rate from plot to plot simply by entering new application rate.
  • On/off application control saves from hydraulic control gear handling. Fertile Variable Rate automatically shuts off application.



  • All the valuable parameters for precise applications at your disposal. 
  • Actual working time tracking. 
  • Actual application rate monitoring. 
  • Information of tanks to streamline supply. 
  • Ha/ h Yield follow-up. 


BENCHMARK benefits against coventional application

  • With automatic boom control, Fertile Variable Rate grants application rate independent of changes in forward speed.
  • Due to easy digital calibration, Fertile Variable Rate reduces daily calibration average time to two hours.
  • Tests carried out by Verion show that Fertile Variable Rate can grant usd $ 5.80/ha profit on highly precise chemical application.




Total area (ha)


Conventional calibration speed (km/h)



Actual midspeed (km/h)


Wrongly applied input ($/ha)

U$D 1,96

U$D 7,22

Difference between Verion and Conventional Application ($/ha)

U$D 5,26

Profits on well-applied input ($/año)

U$D 52.680


Actual midspeed % difference with Verion application rate  % difference actual application rate


  • Automatic application rate control cuts costs, grants less tractor wear and fuel consumption savings, since the operator does not need to speed up to keep constant application rate on slopes and under challenging soil conditions. 
  • On even areas, the operator may speed up for an improved Ha/h output without any changes in the set application rate. 
  • Empty or full device weight always impacts on tractor speed and so does on the applied dose. However, with Fertile Variable Rate this is no longer a  problem, thanks to automatic application rate.

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